About ME

My name is Rick De Castro, (Ricky), and I’ve decided to detail my experiences dating in Miami under the guise of Dating God. 

I found dating in Miami to be one of the most challenging things I’ve ever encountered!  

Originally from New York City, I vibe with people who are blunt and don’t sugar coat anything.

In Miami, sugar coating is an art form!  

Having spent many years doing the bar and club scene Miami is known for, I got sick and tired of meeting flaky women.  To be fair, there are just as many flaky men in Miami, so it’s not a stereotype! 

Totally flaking on dates.  

Being over an hour late.

Asking for a “better table.”

And my pet peeve, Snap Chatting constantly and putting everything online to the point where we can’t even enjoy one another’s company!

I got sick of it.  I decided to look for love online.  I found love, and much more.  This blog details my experiences using many dating apps over the years. You’ll get my no-nonsense look at which dating apps work, as well as the pro’s and con’s of each.  Love and relationships are out there, you just need to know where the quality people hang out.

Oh, and if you are going through a dry spell, well, I talk about my experiences on the more risque apps out there as well.  

From time to time I have guest authors come in and share their experiences as well, so you can see things through another lens and honestly, I can’t possibly use EVERY dating app.  That would cost a fortune!

Enjoy my musings, and use them to your advantage.

Happy dating!