Topics To Talk About With A Girl

There is a saying that would have us believe that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. There’s a lot of truth to this because it seems like we absolutely speak different languages at times. Or at least that’s what some guys will tell you.

As a matter of fact, I can say with confidence that all guys have had moments when they’re talking to a woman and they have absolutely no idea what to say next. And it sucks because they are typically interested in her and would like to keep the conversation going.

If this has happened to you – and it’s highly likely that it has – keep reading to learn about the best topics to chat about with a woman.  You won’t always have your trusty wingman, so be ready to go at it alone.

Now, please understand that if you’re the type of guy that pays girls to hang out with you. Whether it be hiring a girl on or even one you met on say, Escort Babylon, then these tips would not apply. You would carry that conversation yourself however way you feel. After all, you paid for that! Also, not my suggestion, but just saying.

What Topics are Good to Talk About With Women?

It isn’t surprising to discover that when approaching a woman, a man will feel really anxious because of the potential for rejection and awkward silence.

When you’re really interested in a woman and you’re trying to attract her, conversing with this female is like playing a game of poker. Ultimately, you need to invest serious time in this conversation because the more you are willing to invest in talking to her, the more she’s going to appreciate the interaction.

This is something that is understood by all of the best seducers. They get that having an incredible conversation with a girl is much more than the things you say to her. It’s much more about what you can get a woman to say back to you.

It’s this portion of the conversation when a woman commits to it, that will allow you to create a rapport and find commonalities. This will allow you to discover her unique personality traits and foibles that you find genuinely attractive. It’s these exciting ingredients that will make it possible to connect and interact with her in a romantically sexual way.

With that said, I’ll share six topics of conversation to talk with a woman about that are very effective. You’ll find it easy to interact with more women using these topics, which will ultimately make you seem more attractive to them.

And before we really begin, it’s even more important to pay attention to how you speak than what you actually say. You must always remain playful and fun – and definitely attempt to make her laugh – without seeming like you’re trying too hard. I know this is easier said than done, but it’s important nonetheless.

Entertainment: Music, Movies, Art & Books

You’ll never get a woman to open up and share her dreams, hopes, and fears the moment you meet her. You have to develop a rapport and make her comfortable with you before she reaches this level.

That’s why it’s necessary to stick to conversational topics that require little effort yet remain engaging. And a great way to accomplish this is to get a girl to talk about her favorite art, music, movies, and books.

The key is to really get her to start talking. If you ask a woman about the music she likes, don’t let her tell you the name of her favorite band and stop right there. Ask her about her favorite songs, why she likes those songs, what they mean to her, and much more.

Or, if your lady companion tells you that she’s really into reading books, ask her about her favorite authors, ask her to recommend you a book, and ask her what she likes about her favorite books, etc.

This will help the conversation run smoothly and it will make it much easier for you to interact with this person, while finding out lots of great information about her.

Past Relationships

If you want to get a woman hooked on the conversation with you, remember to bring up relationships and related topics. This is like heroin to most females. They love hearing about relationship stories and even better, share solutions to specific relationship-related problems and they’ll be like putty in your hand.

Gather as many relationship stories as possible. When your cousin complains about the trouble she’s having with her boyfriend, make a mental note to share the story. When your best friend is dishing about his girlfriend, keep this story in mind too. You can use this as fodder for great conversations with other women.

The People in Your Life

Every once in a while, I’ll hear some dudes complain that they don’t have anything to talk about when talking to girls that they want to hook up with. But here’s where they go wrong. If they focus on their surroundings and begin paying attention, they’ll discover lots of ammunition to make great conversations that could last all day long.

As an example, I like to go out on dates with girls and play a fun game. During this game, I ask them to tell me a story about a person in the restaurant, at the club, etc. The goal is to have the girl make up a random story about this person.

And when she’s done, you can tell her your version of the story that you made about the person. This may seem a little ridiculous, but it’s a fun game and the two of you will have a great time playing.

Talking Travel

No matter what woman you interact with, it’s always smart to steer conversations in an imaginative and fun direction. I loathe conversations that are uninteresting, dull, and drab. And if I’ve learned one thing through my experience with dating women, talking travel is always a great way to get them excited, happy, and interested to chat.

Ask the girl about the best places that she’s traveled to in her life. Ask her what she liked about these places. And ask her to tell you about other places that she’d love to travel to in the future. Before long, you’ll be having great conversations with her, and her imagination will spark into overdrive and get her feeling excited and emotional, which is certainly the feeling you’d like to invoke when you’re on a date.

Personal Observations

Many of the people in the attraction teaching niche believe that a guy should never show an interest in a woman and never share a compliment about her, but I seriously disagree with this philosophy.

Believe it or not, one of the best ways to seduce a woman and get her to feel attracted to you is to let her know that you feel the same connection and attraction in return. You’ll need to learn things about her and tell her that you appreciate them and that they are very unique about her. Expand your curiosity about women, because your dating life will improve by leaps and bounds if you do.

Women have incredible observational skills when it comes to the men that they date. They noticed things about guys that other people don’t typically pick up on. And men usually fail to pick up on observations about women.

Does this woman have an exceptional fashion sense? Does she have cute reading habits? If you happen to notice these things, make sure to tell her about them because this will really endear you to her. When she fills you in on stories going on in her life, tell her that the little things that she mentions are incredibly attractive to you.

Discuss Her Hopes, Goals, Dreams & Passions

When was the last time someone genuinely seemed interested in your hopes and dreams? Or, when was the last time you actually discussed your goals and plans with another human being?

Like most people, you’ll definitely appreciate and enjoy talking to others passionately about the things that matter to you the most. And in return, the woman that you’re interested will also feel genuinely elated, happy, and excited if you spend time discussing her goals, dreams, and passions.

This is what you should focus on as you develop a rapport and trust with the girl that you’re interested in. And then when the time is right, you can begin asking questions to discover her different passions, goals, and dreams.

As you learn the art of becoming an excellent conversationalist, you’ll discover that it’s often best to become a mirror of sorts. Instead of searching, groping, and blindly reaching for conversation points to talk about with your partner, you can learn to reflect on what’s most important back to her by discussing her goals and dreams, and other personality traits.

Do you know anything about her favorite hobbies and passions? If not, you should definitely ask her about them. This is excellent fodder to make great conversations. And you may even have things in common like hiking, fishing, surfing, playing board games, video games, music, and much more.

More than anything else, you must keep the conversation exciting by focusing on topics that get her interested in conversing with you. These topics must be refreshing, genuinely interesting, and a reminder of the things that she’s passionate about.

Remember these conversation topics and use them to the best of your ability to improve your conversational skills. I promise that you’ll notice an incredible difference in the response that you get when conversing with women.

Ricky Decastro


I moved to Miami from California in 2017 to start a new life and found the dating scene to be a disaster! As an avid writer, I decided to start Dating God to document my experiences. The Good. The Bad. And of course, the UGLY.